Useful Youtube Keyboard Commands

  1. Keys 0 through 9: These keys allow you to skip through the video. For example, pressing 0 (Zero) will take you to the beginning of the video, and pressing 9 will take you to 90% of the video’s duration. Pressing 5 will take you halfway through the video, 7 will take you to 70% of the video’s duration, and so on.
  2. J, K, and L keys: These keys have functions that are particularly useful when the video is paused:

J: Rewinds the video. Each time you press J, it will rewind the video by a certain amount (usually a few seconds). Pressing it multiple times will continue to rewind the video by the same increment.

K: Pauses the video. This key allows you to quickly pause and resume playback without having to move your mouse to click the pause button.

L: Fast forwards the video. Similar to the J key, pressing L will fast forward the video by a certain amount each time it’s pressed.

These keyboard shortcuts can be quite handy for quickly navigating through a video, especially if you need to review specific parts or if you want to skip ahead to certain sections. They can also make the process of controlling video playback more efficient, as you don’t need to rely solely on the mouse for these actions.