Tech Tips and Tricks – Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to improve your productivity and efficiency when using a computer. Here’s a bit more detail on those shortcuts:

  1. Spacebar – Scrolls down the page: When you’re browsing a webpage or scrolling through a document, pressing the spacebar scrolls the page down by one full screen. This is particularly useful for quickly moving through lengthy articles or documents without having to manually drag the scrollbar.
  2. Shift + Spacebar – Scrolls up the page: Conversely, holding down the Shift key and pressing the spacebar scrolls the page up by one full screen. This allows you to navigate upwards through content just as easily as you can navigate downwards.

These shortcuts are especially handy when you’re reading long articles or documents online and want to quickly move through the content without having to constantly reach for your mouse or trackpad to scroll manually. They’re simple yet effective time-savers that can make your computing experience more efficient.