State Medical and Technical Entrance Examination (SMATEE) 2023 Results

Government of Mizoram Directorate of higher & Technical Education (Technical Wing) declared State Medical and Technical Entrance Examination (SMATEE) 2023 results on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

List of successful candidates occupying the first ten position are shown below:-

  1. Lalnuntluanga S/o Lalbiakruala, Zohnuai, Lunglei, scored 287 marks out of 400.
  2. Vadawpaki Chozah D/o C. Thahe, New Siaha, Siaha, scored 266 marks out of 400.
  3. Lalchungnunga S/o Vanlallawmzuala, Khawruhlian, scored 258 marks out of 400.
  4. C.Lalruatfeli D/o C.Lalnunnema, Ramthar North, Aizawl, scored 257 marks out of 400.
  5. Lalruattluanga Ralte S/o Ramdinsanga Ralte, Electric Veng, Aizawl, scored 251 marks out of 400.
  6. P.S.Laltleipuii D/o P.S.Hmangaihzauva, Chaltlang Venglai, Aizawl, scored 242 marks out of 400
  7. Baby C Lalrinsangi D/o C Lalropuia, Sangau, scored 240 marks out of 400.
  8. F Lalngaihawma S/o F Lalfamkima, Khatla High School Veng, Aizawl, scored 237 marks out of 400.
  9. James N. Sangliana S/o Hnunkhuma, Bethlehem Vengthlang, Aizawl, scored 226 marks out of 400.
  10. Zochampuii D/o David TS Zova, Mission Vengthlang, Aizawl, scored 224 marks out of 400.

Many congratulations to all the successful candidates in (SMATEE) 2023 Examination. wishes them all the best for a bright future.

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