Sâphao – Castle of Beinô Route

Sâphao (Castle of Beinô) – Top-Rated Tourist Attraction in Mizoram, India.

Sâphao (Castle of Beinô) is the most extravagant place you can visit in Mizoram, India.

Sâphao (also known as Sâphao Lôpanô).

How to reach Sâphao by Road (on Road Trip) (Siaha to Sâphao by Road).

Sâphao (Castle of Beinô) Route:

Siaha Town -> Amôbyuh Vaithieh Village -> Kaochao Village -> New Saikao Village -> New Laty Village -> Maisa Village -> Palâ Village -> Palâ Tipo (Palâ Lake) -> Tôkalô Village -> Phura Village -> Lôdawh Village -> Sâphao.

Note: Azinô (2 Km from Sâphao before reaching Lômasu village).

Sâphao to Siaha by Road.

Sâphao -> Lôdawh Village -> Phura Village -> Kiasie Village -> Vahia Village -> Mara Typical Village -> Zyhno Village -> Saikao Village -> Siaha Town.

Note: Sâphao (Castle of Beinô) Route he a doleipa a y khia comment tawhta miah vaw chho thei ula eima ly kaw aw.