Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark peacefully passed away at the age of 85

On November 13, 2023, Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark, the last living descendant of the missionary Rev. Reginald Arthur Lorrain in Maraland, Mizoram, breathed her last at 8:20 AM in her home in Saikao village, Siaha District, Mizoram, Northeast India.

Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark’s funeral service is scheduled for 15th November 2023, at 12:00 Noon, at Lorrain Ville in Saikao village.

Despite the Lakher Mission being called off in 1977, Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark, granddaughter of Rev. RA Lorrain, chose to settle in Saikao in the Siaha district of Mizoram. She married Mara theologian Rev. L. Mark and has been residing in her grandfather’s Lorrain Ville bungalow at Saikao village in Siaha District, Mizoram.

Rev. RA Lorrain holds the distinction of being the founder of the Evangelical Church of Maraland and the first missionary to reach out to the Mara people in the southern reaches of what was then the Lushai Hills. It was on September 26, 1907, when he established the Lakher Mission in Saikao village, a legacy his descendants have upheld by continuing to reside there.

Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark’s birthplace is Saikao village, located in the Siaha District of Mizoram, India. She was born on April 16, 1938.