Congratulations to the newly-elected MADCOA leaders!

Siaha, (Mizoram) (India) Nov 29, 2022 ( Mara Autonomous District Council Officers’ Association (MADCOA) general election was held today at MADC Forest Hall, Siaha.

Shri T. JB. Rona, President, MSO, General Headquarters, Siaha was the Returning Officer for the election. Beirachhitha Bohia was appointed as the Recorder. Shri K. Vabeichhitha, Secretary i/c I & P introduced the members of MSO, Gen. HQ who attended the election.

The newly elected MADCOA leaders for 2022 – 2024 are:

President : JB. Chozah, A&CPO

Vice President : Vabeikhaihmo Solo, SCO

Secretary : JH. Beihnai, S&YO

Assistant Secretary : John VT. Hniehu, AEO

Fin. Secretary: Dr. HC. Joane Mary, VO

Treasurer : N. Elizabeth, RDO.

Mara Students’ Organisation (MSO) General Headquarters leaders who attended the election are:

  1. T. JB. Rona, President, MSO, Gen. HQ, Siaha.
  2. Elson Eliasah Notlia, Vice President
  3. Beirachhitha Bohia, Assistant General Secretary
  4. T. John Tennyson, Fin. Secy
  5. Aldrin Laihlei Hlychho, Secy i/c SW
  6. K. Vabeichhitha, Secy i/c I & P
  7. S. Beikhochhua, Secy i/c G&S
  8. Daphney Lâpi, Treasurer
  9. Radhica Notlia, Executive Committee Member
  10. Monalisa Zawtha, Executive Committee Member.

MSO Gen. HQ leaders who attended the election also expressed their sincere congratulations to the newly elected MADCOA leaders.