The MADC Winter Session 2023 concludes today

SIAHA, November 23, 2023 ( The Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) concluded its 2023 winter session today under the chairmanship of N. Viakhu, Chairman of MADC, at the MADC Session Hall in Siaha.

At the outset of the session, Chairman N. Viakhu appointed Beihu Nôhro, Deputy Chief Whip, and M. Manasia, MDC, as Panel of Chairpersons for the today session.

Additionally, Chairman N. Viakhu and M. Laikaw, House Leader, welcomed newly elected MDC Nelson Khenglawt to the session hall.

Commencing the session, the MADC paid tribute to Rev Violet Louise Anne Mark (L), the granddaughter of Rev RA Lorrain, a pioneer missionary of the Lakher Pioneer Mission (LPM).

Members paid their respects to Rev VLA Mark, who passed away on November 13, 2023 with heartfelt speeches and a one-minute silence.

The session discussed two Official Rules: (i) The Mara Autonomous District Council (Fisheries Department, Group A, B, & C) Recruitment Rules, 2023 and (ii) The Mara Autonomous District Council (Environment & Forest Department Group B & C) Recruitment Rules, 2023. Both rules were unanimously passed by the members.

Notably, there was no question raised during the 2023 MADC Winter Session.