Shri H. Malvina, CEM, MADC attends Vyhphao Sports Meet 2022 Closing Ceremony

Siaha, (Mizoram) (India) Oct 29, 2022 ( Shri H Malvina, CEM, MADC was the chief guest at the closing ceremony of Vyhphao Sports Meet 2022 organised by Mara Students’ Organisation, General Headquarters, Siaha at DFA Playground, Siaha today. Shri H Malvina, CEM, MADC said that Vyhphao Sports Meet is a useful tool for youths to be free from drugs. He advised the students not to indulge in drugs. He said the youth are lucky to have such a good leader who cares about students’ future. He said that he has high hopes from the youth to become drug-free.

Drug use affects the developing brain. Damage to connections in the brain. Decreased ability to experience pleasure or reward. It causes problems with memory and learning, he said.

CEM said, the best way to stay away from drugs are: Avoid places where you can get drugs and alcohol. Stay with non-drug friends. Know how to resist temptation. Learn to cope with stress and rest without drugs. Distracts attention from activities such as exercise or sports.

Youth are the most important and dynamic part of the population of any country and one of the most important roles in building our nation. Youth are not only tomorrow’s leaders but also today’s partners. Their dedication is, in a sense, very necessary, he said.

People who use drugs or engage in high-risk drug-using behaviors are at risk of contracting or transmitting viral infections such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), or hepatitis. This is because the virus spreads through blood or other body fluids, he said.