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MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024

 Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters : Siaha Special Conference cum General Election 2022 31 March 2022 Council Vaih Hall, Siaha. MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024  President : Puhpa T. JB. Rona Vice President : Puhpa Elson Eliasah Notlia Gen. Secretary : Puhpa Byhnâ Chozah Asst. Gen. Secretary : St. Beirachhitha Bohia Finance Secretary : Puhpa T. John Tennyson Treasurer : Laihsa Daphney Lapi


           (Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo)

As evident in social media, the news and current conversations, the pressing topic in Mizoram is the Assam and Tripura border issue. ‘Why do we have issues with our boundaries?’, ‘Who is to blame?’ and ‘How do we resolve these conflicts?’ We have the State Government as the authoritative figure to resolve these issues; Non-profit organisations and numerous patriotic individuals also have it within their calling to tackle and resolve these questions. Yet what I have been called to address goes beyond the struggle of geographical boundaries but the need to resolve conflict and issues of boundaries within and amongst Zofate. 

 How are Zofate’s boundaries in conflict?

   There is no conflict in the geographical boundaries between Zofate in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The Creator of Heaven and Earth has ordained the lands that Zofate reside and settle in. Yet the boundaries which are creating conflicts run deeper, and these must first be recognised as roots to the unresolved conflicts present within us, which are as follows:-

1) Zofate do not yet have one agreed (and legally accepted) national identity; we have been divided and dispersed into many different tribal identities due to former political administrations. Sadly, these tribal identities are being upheld and promoted, widening the gap and divide within us. 

2) The aftermath of the British rule left us divided into different states under different administrations, sustaining political boundaries amongst our people. 

3) Under the Indian (Hindu) rule and political administration, we are currently constitutionally divided into around 25 different tribes and administrations, therefore there is an evident sense of division within the family.

4) Zofate are dispersed within the rule of the Myanmar/Burmese (Buddhist) kingdom.

5) Our identity has also been lost and divided in the Bangladeshi (Muslim) kingdom. 

6) There will be a day when these divisions will cease and Zofate will unite; we are simply awaiting the fulfilment of this divine ordained time for Zofate to become one people. 

What are the effects of the Zofate’s boundary conflicts?

1) Despite being one people with one ancestor (Zo/Zova) and identity, our current administration has left us divided into different tribal identities.

 2) This divisive administration has caused strife and political conflict with internal struggle for power and authority.

 3) True Christian living is being tarnished as a result of  tribal warfare and denominational conflict. 

4) Other nations have introduced these denominations and differing doctrines, and people that should be one and united in Christ have now been in opposition due to religious doctrinal conflicts. 

5) Our beautiful culture and heritage is being undermined and faces the threat of being gradually assimilated by surrounding forces.

6) Our nation was once self-governed, self-supported and self-sufficient; we now have a beggar’s mindset, having lost our core moral values, being brainwashed to believe we cannot survive without being fed and sustained by neighbouring states and countries. 

 How do we resolve these conflicts?

1) We must first unite in the identity that we are one blood with one common ancestor – Zo/Zova.

2) Secondly, this ancestral identity gives us one national identity, which is evidently Zofate (as descendants of Zo-a), an identity we have always agreed upon and now must uphold together as our national identity.

3) We must accept and identify that every land that Zofate reside and settle in is consequently Zoram, and it was not snatched in war but ordained for us as a gift from God for Zofate to reside in.

4) We must unite and rid ourselves of tribal and clan identities which creates boundaries; these identities were enforced upon us by different rulers and administrations to divide us.  

5) We must resolve the struggle and internal conflicts between different denominations and sects which impedes our need to unite in Christ.

6) We must put an end to internal party political conflicts and embrace national politics that steers us towards being established as the Great Nation we are destined to become.

7) The addiction and contamination of Party politics needs to be eradicated so that we can start preparing for God’s Kingdom Politics to be established in our nation.

8) We must organise a national event of fasting and prayer for victory in the Spiritual Warfare against worldly principles, praying for repentance and the rebuilding of our broken walls. 

     Let the words of Rokunga’s song (and prayer) ring true declaring for our nation ‘We choose only you (Lord), to lead our land and nation. Though war may rise from within and without, give us the power of victory, rule and reign for us (Lord).’



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