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MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024

 Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters : Siaha Special Conference cum General Election 2022 31 March 2022 Council Vaih Hall, Siaha. MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024  President : Puhpa T. JB. Rona Vice President : Puhpa Elson Eliasah Notlia Gen. Secretary : Puhpa Byhnâ Chozah Asst. Gen. Secretary : St. Beirachhitha Bohia Finance Secretary : Puhpa T. John Tennyson Treasurer : Laihsa Daphney Lapi


(Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo) 1. Pathian Lalna Ram Thar*  Zofate Kristian te hi ringlo (Milembiate) awpbehna hnuaiah, India Sorkar hnuaiah kum 70 kan awm tawh a. MILEMBE POLITICS- Lal inchuhna, pawisa khelhna, DAWT hmanga inbumna leh insawiselna hi a lo tawp ang. Pathianin a Lal ram politics - hmangaihna Inremna, thuhnuairawlhna hmangin ama Thlarau Thianghlim a rorelna min siam sak tawh ang. Zofate chenna rama khawvel politics hi Pathian politics in thlak danglam a ni tawh ang. Lal ber Lal Isua Krista rorelna Sorkar amahin min din sak tawh dawn a ni. 2. *Hnambo* kaihthawhna Kum 1000 chuang hnama chiang tawhlo, mahni thlahtu pawh hre lo, hnamdang- Kawl, British, Indian ten kan nihna phuahchawp min pek- Chin, Kuki, Lushai, Mizo tih leh mahni chibing a inlakhranna leh indona a tawp ang a, thlahkhat vek Zova Fate = Zofate kan nih ah kan chiang vek tawh ang a. HNAMAH (Nation) ah kan harh ang. Tu dang kan lo nilo *Zofate* vek kan ni kan ti vek tawh ang. Kan nihna khawvela kan pho chhuahna (Ide


- Rev. Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo Previously, I wrote about the need to wake up to our true national identity. Zofate have been lost for many decades with an unrealised common national identity. Instead of uniting under one common identity which is historically accepted and used in our terminology since time immemorial, division has stirred amongst our people through adoption of various tribal identities as national identities - identities which were given to us by external administration for their political advantage.  Our common language has also gradually differed throughout the many decades that we have been divided. The division through geographical boundaries has resulted in minor differences in culture - including our traditional attire and manners. The Divide and Rule policy as mentioned in previous articles has resulted in a divided sense of nationality and understanding of our identity as per the different tribal identities given to us by different political administrations. Sinc


           (Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo) As evident in social media, the news and current conversations, the pressing topic in Mizoram is the Assam and Tripura border issue. ‘Why do we have issues with our boundaries?’, ‘Who is to blame?’ and ‘How do we resolve these conflicts?’ We have the State Government as the authoritative figure to resolve these issues; Non-profit organisations and numerous patriotic individuals also have it within their calling to tackle and resolve these questions. Yet what I have been called to address goes beyond the struggle of geographical boundaries but the need to resolve conflict and issues of boundaries within and amongst Zofate.   How are Zofate’s boundaries in conflict?    There is no conflict in the geographical boundaries between Zofate in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The Creator of Heaven and Earth has ordained the lands that Zofate reside and settle in. Yet the boundaries which are creating conflicts run deeper, and these must first be recognised as

Tu Dang Kan Nilo ZOFATE Vek Kan Ni

Rev. Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo Kar hmasa lamah khan "Hnamah i harh ang u" tih thu kan ziak tawh a. Zofate hian hnama harh turin kan hnam nihna hming dik tak pawh hre lovin kum tam tak kan lo bo tawh a. Kan zavaia nihna Zofate a ni tih pawh hre tawh lovin chibing emaw hnam nihna hrang hrang angin lak hran leh chhinchhiahte kan ni. Kan tawng a tirah pakhat ni thin kha kum tam tak awmhrang kan nih avangin a lo thang danglam zel a. Kan mizia te pawh chenna hun leh hmun a zirin a lo dang hret hret zel a ni.  Kan incheina hnam thuamhnaw (traditional dress) te pawh en thuak chuan in ang mahse, danglamna riau a lo awm deuh vek tawh bawk. Chi peng hrang hrang anga kan nihna anga kal lohtheihlohna chin a lo awm a, min awpbettu British leh India te pawhin thlahkhat leh unau kan nihna lam kha dah pawimawh lovin kan chibing nihna ang ang te pawhin min hendarh zui zel a. Tunah phei chuan HNAM (Nation) pakhat ang pawh nilovin, hnam hnufual (tribals) hrang hrang angin min thenhrang

MEGA IAS Scholarship Exam Result

MEGA IAS Scholarship Exam Result  Atanoh târi 17 December 2021 dawh 1:00PM khata MEGA IAS Scholarship Exam Result cha phuahpa a châ. Mizoram Youth Commission Chairman Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, MLA ta MYC Conference Hall liata result he MYC Officers nata Media zy hmiakô liata a phuah.  Coaching kia thei awpa ta âtlyhpatlopazy châ Aizawl tawhta manôh 60, Lôlei (Lunglei) tawhta 20, Siaha tawhta 10, Kolasib tawhta 10 ama zydua ta 100. IAS Scholarship, Hybrid Coaching akia thei awpa manôh 100 âtlyhpatlopazy he Mizoram Youth Commission ta ama expenditure atô khai aw. Ary liata moh palasapazy he Iana khih nata Siata khih tawhta atlopazy ama châ. 1. K. Lalramkima s/o K. Mangte, Iana (Aizawl District tawhta). 2 S. Rualkhum s/o VL Peka (Rualkhum a nô he Siata khihpa a châ) College Vaih, Siaha (Siaha District tawhta). Source:

Puhpa K. Chhuabei, EM, MADC ta Mara Idol Season 6 hmâkhei

 PRESS RELEASE NO.61/2021   SIAHA, 10 Di, 2021, Chutyhnoh – Mara Hlasa Py (MHP) General Headquarters : Siaha ta a pachhuahpanohpa Mara Hla ta ataopasuana pi chaipa MARA IDOL cha Phiata (October) 25, 2021 zâ tawhta NSV Studio liata pathaopa châ ta, zâhnia târi 9.12.021 zâ dawh 7:00:00PM khata khichhai laipa Puhpa K. Chhuabei, EM i/c PWD, MADC ta Mara Idol Season 6 (2021) closing programme (result phuahna & entertainment nite programme) he Khaihra Hall, New Colony, Siaha liata a hmâkhei ei. He Mara Idol Season 6 sponsored-tuhpazy cha PWD (MADC), LAD (MADC) nata BDO (Siaha RD Block) zy ama châ.  Programme he Miss T. Cassidy (Cindy) nata MC. Beichônôchai ta pahnie kawpa ta ama host. Puhpa John Beizachhi Phuto, President, MHP Gen. HQ ta MHP Gen. HQ vyuhpa ta biereina chyupa a hnei. Puhpa L. Khuly, Judge nata Satlia Vabeimozachhi Chozah, Vice Chairman, Mara Idol zy ta 2021 Organising Board ta biereina chyupa ama hnei hra. Rev. B. Beilua, Moderator ECM Assembly, Hqrs, Siaha ta Programme a