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MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024

 Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters : Siaha Special Conference cum General Election 2022 31 March 2022 Council Vaih Hall, Siaha. MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024  President : Puhpa T. JB. Rona Vice President : Puhpa Elson Eliasah Notlia Gen. Secretary : Puhpa Byhnâ Chozah Asst. Gen. Secretary : St. Beirachhitha Bohia Finance Secretary : Puhpa T. John Tennyson Treasurer : Laihsa Daphney Lapi

Maraland Fiber Internet (Fiber-optic internet) Speed test (Siaha)

  Friday, July 9, 2021 Maraland High Speed Fiber-optic internet Services (Fiber Network) in Siaha. FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) Internet. New Plan: BRONZE: Upto 100 Mbps 3500 Gb data 10 Mbps Unlimited 30 days Rs.1000/- SILVER: Upto 100 Mbps 6000 Gb data 20 Mbps Unlimited 30 days Rs.1500/- GOLD: Upto 150 Mbps 5000 Gb data 30 Mbps Unlimited 30 days Rs.2000/- PLATINUM: Upto 150 Mbps Unlimited Data 30 days Rs.3000/- Contact: Pawhnai : 9871606841.  

Fiber optic internet providers near me (Siaha - 796901)

 Fiber internet near me (Siaha) 1. KR Internet Siaha Fiber-optic internet New Siaha, Vety kawn,  Mapuii Tailoring (Top Floor) New Siaha - 796901 Connection fee = Rs. 3500 Fiber cable = Rs.10 per meter Monthly plan 3 mbps = Rs. 1000 6 mbps = Rs. 2000 9 mbps = Rs. 3000 12 mbps = Rs. 4000 15 mbps = Rs. 5000 Contact: KR Internet Siaha (PT Malsawma (Sawma) Mobile number: 9612247407 Tea: Mobile: 7085890908 2. Maraland High Speed Broadband Services (Fiber Network) Siaha FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) Internet  Siaha - 796901 Contact: VB.Hlychho Mobile: 8826767087, 81198668548, 730922784 3. TP Server (Fiber optic internet) Fel Fel Hotel, New Siaha - 796901. TP Server connection fee Rs.3000 plus monthly fee. Monthly plan: 999 5mbps 1499 7mbps 2499 11mbps 3499 16mbps 3999 22mbps. TP Server Puia mobile number: 7005441833 H.Beiraly : Mobile: 7629825979.

"Candle Light Bible Revision"

Laiu Fachhai Frequent power outage in Siaha Town, coupled with broken inverter and its batteries, sometimes I had to do the Mara Bible Revision under a candle light. A Candle Light Bible Revision, if you will. Revs Reginald Arthur Lorrain and Albert Bruce Foxall-Lorrain, missionaries to Maraland, did exactly the same 100 years ago. When they translated Mara Bible then, there was no electricity in Maraland, let alone computers. Under a kerosene lamp or candle light, they used handwritings and typewriters for their translation works. So I can't complain. As for me and my work, I could still use a computer and have a daily substantial power supply. That said, I am looking forward to a Candle Light Dinner when the often Candle Light Bible Revision is completed, God willing, by March/April next year (2022). Till then, please pray with me.  Mara Bible was first published in 1956 and a revised version (First Revision) was published in 1972. The present endeavor is the second revision. As

Mara Reih ta Thla nata Noh Reih Dâh

 Thla (Month) (Months of the Year) January : Nawh February : Hmypi March : Pamih April : Pachawh May : Patô  June : Chhiepa July : Khihpa August : Thlazoh September : Thlarâh October : Phiata November : Phiapi December : Di Noh (Day) (7 Days of the Week): Monday : Hriatuanoh Tuesday : Hriaheihnoh Wednesday : Pakhynoh Thursday : Pohbiehnoh Friday : Chutyhnoh Saturday : Pachyhnoh Sunday : Pahânoh, Abeipanoh, Khazohpa noh.