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MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024

 Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters : Siaha Special Conference cum General Election 2022 31 March 2022 Council Vaih Hall, Siaha. MSO HQ Siaha General Election Result 2022 - 2024  President : Puhpa T. JB. Rona Vice President : Puhpa Elson Eliasah Notlia Gen. Secretary : Puhpa Byhnâ Chozah Asst. Gen. Secretary : St. Beirachhitha Bohia Finance Secretary : Puhpa T. John Tennyson Treasurer : Laihsa Daphney Lapi

MADC Court President & Recorder thiehpa Puhpa K. Vanlalliana ta charge la

 PRESS RELEASE No.25/2021 Siaha, 26 Pachawh, 2021, Hriatuanoh – Notification No.MADC.11/GAD(DPAR&P)/2018 of 16th April, 2021 bie hawhta atanoh dawh 12:00 Pm liata Puhpa K. Vanlalliana cha Court President & Recorder rai hria awpa ta Court President & Recorder a châ ngâhaipa Puhpa K. Chhihrau tawhta charge a la. Puhpa K. Chhihrau chata Court President & Recorder thiehpa Puhpa K. Vanlalliana hnoh ta khokheina sâh chaipa hlâ ta, Court President & Recorder rai he Marasawzy châ ta byhnâ châna peimawh kawpa rai châ ta, apiepasaina nata palôhpasinazy peimawh ta, tiama kawpa nata phahnai ngiah kawpa ta hria awpa ta a pasyu. Puhpa K. Vanlalliana chata biereina chyupa hnei hra ta, a theina hawhta MADC Law & Judicial Department châ nata Mararâh châta hria awpa â chhuah zie a reih; Court President & Recorder rai he mo pakha ta hria thai’pa châ lei ta, Law & Judicial Department Officer nata Staff zydua ta hriaparaoh awpa apeimawh zie reih ta, hrialâh phapa châ awpa â

Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) Logo

 Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) Logo    

The Speech of Puhpa Kesavan R, (IAS), Deputy Commissioner, Siaha District during the programme of 19th Lyuva Khutla Celebration at MADC, Siaha

Date: 12th March 2021                                                                 Respect Honorable Chief Executive Member, Executive Members of MADC, leaders of NGO’s, Officers and staffs of MADC, and all dear friends; today, it is a matter of great pleasure to hear that MADC hosts one of the greatest festivals of the Maras amidst Covid-19 pandemic with keeping SOP.                                                            I would like to say Lyuva Khutla Samaw to you all on this great festival of Maraland. And thanks for inviting me to have a message for the same. It is a great delightful festival for all of us.                                                            As we all know that the Mara tribe has many festivals. However, Lyuva Khutla is one of the greatest festivals in Maraland since the forefathers of the Mara community. The existence of this festival had greatly known by every one of the Mara community. The people customarily practiced shifting cultivation in whic

Mara Writers' Club Siaha Leaders 2021 - 2023

 President : FC. Chhuasa (Mobile: 9089566141) Vice President : Patricia T Azyu (Mobile: 9612328697) Secretary : Robert B. Syuhlô (Mobile: 7005806880) Assistant Secretary : BN. Angel Khailochho (Mobile: 9436791312) Information Secretary : Aaron Chhachhai (Mobile: 9862004416) Finance Secretary : Abie Notlia (Mobile: 8837301870) Treasurer : Ngiachhie Nohro (Mobile: 9862044006). Reih palaiseihsa. Reih he chi nata pho abohna a châ.