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KFC Restaurant Chanmari Aizawl Address with contact numbers

KFC Restaurant  G 39, Chanmari  Aizawl - 796007 Opp.: HDFC Bank  Mizoram North East India. For bulk order call Mobile: 8575298163, 7005526554, 7428965914.

Siaha ( Saiha) - Aizawl Sumo & Bus Services


Aizawl To Siaha Bus nata Sumo Service pazy ama Counter No pahno theina rakha liata : -

He a ry liata No palasapazy he a vaw contact tyh ma y.

Aizawl khih liata Counter y pazy :

MaraLand Travels (MLT) Night Bus

~0389 - 2350875 (L)9863040726 (M)

LAMTLUANG Sumo Travels
~0389-2329390 (L)
9862906895 M

DOVE Sumo Travels

FC TRAVEL Sumo Counter

FEL FEL Sumo Service

KEVIN Sumo Service

COLNEY Sumo Travels
~ 9612166488
~ 8974160335


MLT   Rs 500 /-.


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