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Extempore Speech Competition

Siaha khihpi liata High School-zy châta ‘Extempore Speech Competition’ pachhuahpanohpa a châ.
Oct 7, 2017   

Zâhnia my dawh 10:30Am khata DRDA Conference Hall, Siaha-liata District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) zy pachhuahpanohpa ta High School achuhaipazy châta “Mission Antyodaya Gram Samridhi Evam Swachhata Pakhwada” ry liata “Extempore Speech Competition-2017” hneipa a châ.

Zâhnia ta Extempore Speech Competition hneipa liana heta Siaha khihpi chhôh School sâcharie tawhta achuhaipa atlyhpapuapazy ta ataopasuana he hnei ei ta. Lymâ latuhpazy cha hezy he ama châ - 1st Prize - Lalmuanchhungi, Class-IX, Southern English Comprehensive Academy. 2nd Prize - Chinneihkimi, Class-X, Hill Gate School. 3rd Prize - Jacob Lalsiamthara, Class-X, Don Bosco School.

He lymâ adaotuhpazy heta âmo mopakha nata a School hawhta lymâ dao ei ta. Sâkhana heta Rs. 3,000 + Citation nata ama School ta Rs. 10,000/- dao ei ta, sânona ta Rs. 2,000 + Citation nata ama School ta  Rs. 7,000/- dao ei ta, sâthôhna ta Rs 1,000 + Citation nata ama School ta Rs. 5,000/- ama dao hra.

Source: Mara Reih News ( WhatsApp group).


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